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Lviv has always been, is and will be a tourist centre of Ukraine. People come here for emotions and joy. The tours around Lviv will provide you with enjoyable time spending in our city. We offer you unconventional and thematic tours around the city.

You will walk along cozy streets of Lviv, see all beautiful architecture of the city and feel the atmosphere of old houses. Our guide will tell you interesting legends about the love of Polish kings, the envy of merchants, Lviv captives and artists. Also, you will hear lots of stories about Galician cuisine and its appearance in Lviv. All the secrets of making exactly Lviv coffee will be revealed to you. You will see, where the best chocolate is made in Lviv. And also you will learn which chocolate fits which coffee. All this and much more you will hear and see at our team tour around Lviv.

You will visit four Lviv city blocks. In the Armenian one, you will see the premises of the former bank, where nowadays you can try delicious beer. You will make a wish near the small Monument of Batiar. And, of course, you will hear the legends about Batiars. Also, you will rub the hands-fins of the Monument of Smile.

In the Ukrainian city block, you will see the former defensive walls. Moreover, our guide will tell you a mystery of the former Lviv printing house, and where Lviv citizens buy old books at present. You will visit the Orthodox Church, with its stained glass windows of extraordinary beauty. You will come together with a guide into one of the internal Lviv courtyards.

In the Jewish city block, you will be told, in which restaurant it is better to bargain than to ask for the check. Also, you will visit Lviv executioner, and hear a horrific story about the ghost from the city Arsenal. You will see, in which of Lviv establishments a separate Lviv time exists.

In the Polish city block, you will see a pompous Roman Catholic Church and will hear a story about its building. You will visit Mr. Sprecher. Besides, our guide will tell you about the burial in the central part of the city. It is frightfully and mystically, but extremely interesting story.

Sometimes the sky-high prices in travel agencies prevent from enjoying a walk around the city with a professional guide. Not everyone can afford to pay a large sum of money for a tour. Therefore, we suggest you a team trip around Lviv for an affordable price.And we guarantee you a memorable tour.