Regular clients – regular discounts!


The minimal cost of the trip (up to the 2 kilometers) – 50 UAH

Every next kilometer costs 7 UAH (in the suburbs – 9 UAH)

One minute of waiting – 1 UAH*

     *It is counted from the 10th minute of waiting. If the ordering is made on a specific hour, it is counted from the first minute.

Transportation of the taxi  to the Ryasne-2, « Auchan » , « King Cross » , « Praktiker » , hotel «Pallada» +5 UAH to the tariff.

Transportation of the taxi  in the suburbs of a city +10 UAH to the tariff.

When ordering a minivan:

The minimum fare (up to 2 kilometres) - 85 UAH

Each subsequent kilometre – 8 UAH (outside the city 10 UAH)