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Bus tour

We offer you a bus tour around Lviv. You will be able to see the most of the non-central part of the city in 3 hours. The tour has three walking-outs. That is, besides looking at the architecture of the city during the driving walking-outs to the objects are provided. Such tour includes 3 objects. These are – Vysokyi Zamok (the High Castle), Lychakiv Cemetery and St. Yura’s Cathedral (St. George’s Cathedral).

Vysokyi Zamok (the High Castle) – is a viewing platform and the highest point of Lviv. After climbing up here, you will see the whole city. Both – a medieval, Austrian, that is tourist part, as well as the buildings constructed in Soviet and present time. The view is unsurpassed. The whole Lviv is at your fingertips. Our guide will tell you all the legends, associated with this place. Also, you will learn, why this mountain is called Vysokyi Zamok (the High Castle), and how its fate is connected with the Cossacks. You will have a look at Lysa Hora (Lysa Mountain), and will hear a mystical story about it.

The next point by the route of the bus tour is Lychakiv Cemetery. It is the place, where our ancestors speak to us from their eternal resting places. Here everything breathes with history. Many noble figures of culture, history, mathematics and literature are buried here. These are heroes, geniuses and just ordinary people, of different nationalities, nations and citizenship. This place is reasonably considered an open-air museum. Here the architectural monuments are as valuable as on the Rynok Square (the Market Square), or its side streets. You should not miss such place when coming to Lviv.

St. Yura’s Cathedral (St. George’s Cathedral) – a monumental and spiritual architectural monument in Lviv. First of all – it is a building of extraordinary beauty which rises above on the mountain, and it can be seen even from the city centre. Its unsurpassed architecture of Baroque era charms the visitors with inherent pomposity and demonstrative beauty. In front of the temple, on the square, there is Andrei Sheptytskyi monument of. Our guide will tell you more about it. The temple is beautiful and unforgettable, both outside and inside. You will see excellent interior with a miraculous icon and come down to the crypt.


This tour is available both as team and individual. For more information, please contact us by the above listed telephones. We will gladly provide you with all the information that you are interested in.